Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg, where many movies and TV series were filmed, "Neva View"

All windows of the rooms are faced towards the river Neva. The Hermitage, Kunstkamera and other points of interest are in walking distance. You will be able to observe the raising of the bridges from the balcony.

Address: Leytenanta Shmidta embankment, 19/2, door code 23, entrance from the embankment


There are two car Parks next to the mini-hotel "Neva View": one belongs to the city, the public - is free (1 minute walk). And the second is private, protected by guards and by video surveillance, running from 18:00 till 9:00, (two minutes walk from the hotel), it costs 100 rubles per night.


A presentation and films made in the interiors of the mini-hotel Neva View"

Reviews from our guests

Mini-hotel "Metro-Admiralteyskoye"

Near the Hermitage our Hotel «Neva View» a new branch opened:

mini-hotel «Metro-Admiralteyskoye»

Comfortable rooms directly near the subway in the historic center


Arrangement of the rooms

The plan of mini-hotel contains the arrangement of the rooms. All of the facilities in the room. Each room has a personal kitchen.

admiral ulitsa

View outside of the hotel

Address of mini-hotel : St. Petersburg, Central district, Kirpichny Lane, house 3
Entrance to the courtyard through the arch
Tel. +7911 912 7338.
Admiralty subway station (purple line) - Fast access to across the city, located in the neighboring building at Brick Lane, Building 1

What our guests like


In the hotel

• Antique historical interiors

• Free parking

• Night guarded parking

• Observe the bridges from the balcony or window

• Assistance in organizing leisure in St. Petersburg

• Prepare meals autonomously in the room

• High-speed Wi-Fi Internet

• Top Rated Reviews

• Unique porcelain and silver tea sets

• Order tickets to the theater for free

• Smoking aloud on the balcony of the room "The noble nest"

• Washing machine for free

• Good conditions for long stays


In the hotel

• The most known sights in 5 minutes walking distance

• Studio-rooms: in your room you have your own kitchen and shower

• Convenient for long autonomous accommodation

• Metro Station in next building

• Low prices

• The all-day dining room in the hotel building

• 15 cafes a minute away

• High-speed Wi-Fi

• Special room for accommodation with a pet

• Washing machine for free

• Order tickets to the theater for free

Our location

Phones for reservation

+7(911) 912-73-38

+7(812) 321-74-02

Addresses of hotels

"Neva View"

St. Petersburg, Vasilyevsky Island
Leytenant Shmidt Embankment, 19/2
door code 23, the front door from the waterfront


St. Petersburg, Kirpichny Lane, house 3
Entrance to the courtyard through the arch,
from the metro station "Metro-Admiralteyskoye"